Inspired by love letters, Dear Darling represents the simple things in life that we do to show the person or those close to us how much we love them. Whether it is a simple love note hidden in the pocket of her coat, a love letter reminding her how sweet it is to hear her laugh, a glance, an “I love You”, or even making a PB&J sandwich for her! Nothing beats the purity and sincerity of the gesture. Dear Darling represents love and all the in between.

Dear Darling is my creative realm, where I believe in natural, exuberant, and fun love.


Dear Friends and soon to be  Friends,

I believe in having a connection with my clients. With it, I can truly capture the natural, sweet love, and fun that exists (Plus, to know that my half attempt of jokes are making a funny).

I love Orange Juice, Rasinets, Chips & Salsa, Cam from Modern Family, Jess from New Girl, Merideth from Grey’s, Benjamin Bratt (wowzers he’s so cute). I love laughing, leaving love notes, playing pranks, and oh so much do I love the beach. I love culture, music, rocking out in the car, dancing and seriously, so seriously do I love, to love.

Let me tell you, when I was a baby, I was a model…..to my dad and mom. I was a chunky piece of baby-ness and they have plenty of photographs to prove it. Somewhere along the last few years, I turned the table and began to photograph them. Of course, not because they were a chunky piece of baby, but because they were a piece of my life. A piece I wanted to hold on to forever. And since I can’t hold on to them forever (literally, unless I tie a rope to them and carry them around with me), I decided it was much easier (and lighter) to photograph them. This turned into me wanting to capture everything about my life and love itself.

Although I had been photographing on the side, I began my real photography work back in 2011, where I started a business with my fellow Sun Swept Studio ladies. Overtime we wanted to really support our individual creativity and ventured out into our own creative realm. Therefore, this is my new blog. Dear Darling. Today, we still work alongside with one another, and if not working, we’re wining and dining over some cheese and crackers.

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