Why Dear Darling?

Honestly and embarrassingly, Alfalfa and Darla inspired me. You know, from the Little Rascals… *covers face*. Aside from it being one of my favorite cutest movies, Alfalfa did all the little things to show his love for Darla. The simplicity of his gestures warmed my heart. It reminded me that writing love letters or making pb&j sandwiches for lunch or just a few of the small things that can really show your love. It’s powerful in it’s own way. So my darlings, love should be simply kind and pure.

Do you choose the location of our shoot?

I always encourage clients to think of places that mean something to them or represents the look and feel they want from the shoot. It’s important the photos reflect what they want to always remember looking back on them.  But, of course I don’t mind providing suggestions of locations.

Do you shoot in B&W?

I love B&W photographs. There is something so timeless about them. Since I shoot digital, this allows me to decide after the fact whether I want to process the image in B&W or Color. However, I generally shoot the image with a color preference in mind based on what I am seeing.

Are the Photographs on your DVD proofs?

No. The photographs on your DVD are edited, finished photographs.  I review every photograph making minor adjustments as needed. Each image is post-processed, color-corrected and polished using the latest professional software. You can expect to receive color, black & white, photographs on your DVD.

Do you offer destination weddings?

Yes! I love to travel and can work with you on your destination wedding to provide you with the best coverage on your big day.

Do you have a second shooter at weddings?

Yes, and preferably always. This allows us to deliver the variety, quality, and perspectives to our clients. I shoot with someone I’ve worked with in the past. This shows our strong dynamic, trust, and understanding when it comes to shooting together day of wedding event. This is important to execute a smooth and fun experience!