My Style


I am a natural, on-location, emotions, and delivering a memorable (love it!) experience photographer. Also, some find my style illustrative, blending a traditional and photojournalistic approach.  I love to have fun with couples, listening to their stories, and helping to create new stories for them to share.

Natural Light

I shoot with natural light using my friend, the Sun. I usually shoot a little before the sun sets, where the sun is softer. This natural light gives a soft, subtle, glow to the photos.


I am all about emotions. Whether that is cracking out my best jokes to steal your laugh (oh i’m a bundle of laughter), hiding in the bushes to take that secret kiss (you may find sticks in my hair), or even simply, paying attention to the details of my shoot. When she’s fixing her hair, I see him secretly glaring at her with a smile. I take that. When he’s telling about how he loves the new 2012 GS Lexus, and she rolls her eyes, but can’t help loving him. I take that.  As a photographer it is my part to find a way to reveal those emotions.


I believe a photo shoot should be more then photos, but an experience. I can’t tell you how many times I hear my clients tell me how amazing the experience was for them and how unexpectedly fun it was (mainly the guys!). This makes me really really feel good. A great experience tells me people are in their natural norm. Bringing out the natural and all the in between; it is what I can give back to clients in their photos. A natural, candid, and exuberant style that will create memories in the photo.