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Putri + Lucian | Orange County Engagement Shoot

2017-04-27_0021From the beginning, the two lit up. Their smiles, laughs, and energy was incredibly contagious. And most lovingly, our humor and jokes clicked! We scouted the hidden canyons of Orange County and produced these amazing photos. The two lovebirds, engaged this year, melt my heart with their loving presence every moment of the shoot. Thank you for capturing such a special time in your lives. <3, xo, *Fist bump*.

2017-04-27_00222017-04-27_00232017-04-27_0024Nature, nature, trees, trees, lush. yes please. 2017-04-27_00252017-04-27_00262017-04-27_00272017-04-27_00282017-04-27_00292017-04-27_00302017-04-27_00312017-04-27_00322017-04-27_00332017-04-27_0034She found him not funny at all, as you can tell. 2017-04-27_0035Dancing swoons the heart, and my camera. 2017-04-27_00362017-04-27_00372017-04-27_00382017-04-27_00392017-04-27_00402017-04-27_00412017-04-27_00422017-04-27_00432017-04-27_00442017-04-27_00452017-04-27_00462017-04-27_0047

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Gamboa Family: Family Shoot San Diego

2017-02-05_0037New additions, new year and changing seasons captured this darling family at its sweetest moments. I was there to capture her first and now soon to be second. I had such a fun afternoon chatting, stealing moments and laughing alongside the Gamboa family especially Baby Z. Thank you for always allowing me to capture the best moments in your life.2017-02-05_00382017-02-05_00402017-02-05_00392017-02-05_00362017-02-05_00422017-02-05_00412017-02-05_00442017-02-05_00462017-02-05_00452017-02-05_00352017-02-05_00472017-02-05_00482017-02-05_00492017-02-05_00502017-02-05_00542017-02-05_00552017-02-05_00562017-02-05_00592017-02-05_00582017-02-05_00572017-02-05_00522017-02-05_00532017-02-05_0060

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Felicity + Justin: Engagement Shoot Old Town Orange

Engagement Shoot Old Town Orange

I fell in love with you

because of the million

things you never knew

you were doing…

Sometimes I wonder if there is such a thing as being over blessed with having an abundance of amazing clients that come my way. If there is, then I am utterly grateful for that blessing. Felicity + Justin were referred by a heart of gold, and I am so honored to have the opportunity to capture not just this intimate session i’m sharing, but their special day! Felicity + Justin, the love and laughter overflowed  and displayed this one afternoon, you both made my job way too easy. I mean how many countless opportunities there were to capture your relationship in so many different ways. gah. I don’t know. i’m in awe. #heart

Engagement Shoot Old Town OrangeEngagement Shoot Old Town OrangeEngagement Shoot Old Town OrangeEngagement Shoot Old Town Orange

2017-02-05_0025Engagement Shoot Old Town OrangeEngagement Shoot Old Town OrangeEngagement Shoot Old Town Orange







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Denise + Angelo Orange County Wedding Shoot


When I saw you first,

it took every ounce of me not to kiss you,

When I saw you laugh,

it took every ounce of me not to fall in love.

And when I saw your soul-

it took every ounce of me.


To these amazing souls, whose love is ecstatic and mesmerizing. Whose kindness and pure hearts make it unbelievably irresistible not to admire. Thank you both for this opportunity, and wishing so much more love, joy, and laughter to come.




2017-01-17_00202017-01-17_00212016-11-16_00192016-11-16_00212016-11-16_00272017-01-17_00232016-11-16_00232017-01-17_00022017-01-17_00032017-01-17_00012017-01-17_00132016-11-16_00372016-11-16_00352016-11-16_00402017-01-18_00072017-01-18_00082017-01-18_00092017-01-18_00102017-01-17_00382016 Denise & Angelo Orange County Wedding R-13_12016-11-16_00422017-01-18_00122017-01-18_00052017-01-17_00352017-01-17_00322017-01-17_00312017-01-18_00132017-01-17_00392017-01-17_00342017-01-18_00112017-01-17_00332017-01-18_00062017-01-17_00362017-01-17_00262017-01-17_0024


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  • Denise NguyenJanuary 25, 2017 - 2:33 am

    Love, love, love our wedding pictures!!! It still brings me to (happy) tears when I look back at these amazing photos.ReplyCancel

Jannis + Ed | San Diego Outdoor Wedding


I find the most beautiful

moments of life

aren’t just with you

but because of you

~Leo Christopher

These two hearts drown itself with so much love, care, warmth and laughter that it overflows to everyone around them, and for those, the feeling is joyous and memorable. How sweet to have the opportunity to capture this initimate wedding nestled in North San Diego. A cute little venue, dressed with the cutest DIY details and lush background. Thank you both for being sweetly amazing and just funny!


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  • Cristina HuertaFebruary 4, 2017 - 11:01 pm

    Your photos are beautiful!

    I will be getting married on November 25th of this year and would love to hear more about your wedding packages. We will be getting married at the Immaculata at USD followed by a reception at Riverwalk.ReplyCancel